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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ~ new beginnings

Today's total solar eclipse in Sagittarius marks the last in a series of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini that began in June 2020.

Both this new moon and solar eclipse bring big new year energy as we might find ourselves coming to the completion of a certain cycle or period in our lives. Collectively this time has brought with it many changes and much-needed growth. Many of us experienced elements of our lives fall apart or fall away over the past 18 months. Yet now, as we reground into the present moment, can we notice the many pieces and parts that might finally be coming together?

The cosmic energies that are aligning are all about new beginnings. Beneath the wreckage lay the embers waiting to be recognized and ignited. Gather your glowing embers and bring them forth to ignite a new flame, collect the kindling of your fire so that the truth of your life may burn and blaze a new trail forward.

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