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Beloved Cafe Newsletter: New Moon in Aquarius~ deliberate expansion ~

This new moon in Aquarius has our minds expanding into the big picture. Aquarius is oriented toward expansive, radical, or non-conformist ways of thinking and seeing the world. With this new moon, we have the opportunity to view our world through a wider lens or entirely new perspective.

This might be the perfect moment to broaden your big picture even more as we dip our feet deeper into the new year and continue to contemplate what we would like to create in the long term. After many months of various retrogrades, all planets will be direct after Mercury reorients on February 3rd. Hopefully, this brings that forward momentum we have all been waiting for.

Other orbits currently occurring bring a decidedly deliberate tinge to Aquarius's expansive view. There is still a bit of a push and pull. Perhaps the answer lies in the further embrace of the pull, as we lay solid groundwork for the push. The planets continue to teach us patience and polarity in all places.

What groundwork can you continue to put in place to support your expansive dreams?

What truly matters to your heart?

What is the first deliberate step toward the big vision?

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