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Beloved Cafe Newsletter: Aries Season ~ tending to our radiant hearts ~ & morning routine offer

The energy of Aries can help us gain greater access to our willpower, our ability to follow through, to both start and complete. The current planetary alignments provide us with the opportunity to face our fears and in doing so, heal our wounds.

May we bring light and fierceness to the dark places within and transform that which holds us back into our greatest liberation. May our own healing give us the fuel to heal the world and give us the momentum we need to walk our path.

Where can we open within to transform our fear into fire?

How can we bring our all to the present moment without attachment and expectation?

What blocks still hold us back from what we truly seek?

We can use the momentum of this month to step out of our cages and tend to our inner landscape, the Phoenix always rises from the ash when it is ready.

Forward, forward we go into the great unknown with radiant, open hearts.

Join us for our morning routine with Golden Milk Latte


Sitting in easy pose, bring your arms up to 60°. Elbows are straight and thumbs face upward toward the sky. Fingers press into your finger mounds. Close your eyes and use Breath of Fire (breathing vigorously out of your nose with a passive inhale while pumping your navel) for three minutes.


Make your hands into fists with your thumbs tucked inside. Moving your arms backward, make backstroke movements that come over and behind your head. Eyes are closed and mouth will be in an O shape. Breath comes in and out through the mouth as you pump your navel.


Sitting in easy pose, chin slightly tucked, eyes closed, breathe in through your nose very slowly for a count of 20, hold for a count of 20, and breathe out slowly for a count of 20. If you are unable to make it to 20, that's okay, start where you are, maybe breathing in for 10, holding for 10, and breathing out for 10.


Take a moment to journal, and simply jot down some things in your life that you are grateful for. Opening our hearts to everything we already have is such a beautiful way to start the day. We can also begin to call in aligned desires we might be hoping for, or simply set some intentions for the day ahead.

I am so happy and grateful for...

I am ready to bring in...

Sitting and savoring a morning beverage can also be a beautiful way to begin your day with both intention and nourishment. Our Golden Milk Latte is a nutrient-packed, caffeine-free yet energizing option that we absolutely love to sip in the morning.

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