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Beloved Cafe Newsletter:New Moon in Pisces ~ pulling dreams down to earth ~

Our watery friend Pisces brings some mutable energy to this month's new moon. As we move into March, there seems to be a buzz in the air. The undercurrent of spring stirring and waking us up from winter slumbers.

Pisces is associated with intuition, the collective unconscious, our own unconscious mind, and the world of dreams. Holding the archetype of the Mystic, with empathy, creativity, and faith.

With this new moon, we may feel a deeper connection to our heart's truest desires and deepest dreams. What would it feel like to open to those visions and work to bring our own individual heaven down to earth in service of the collective? How can you cultivate faith and trust in that vision held in the recesses of your heart and bring it forth with creativity, and imagination. May we each put our faith into our most aligned purpose on this planet and let it be so.

What actions can we take to live more fully in the realm of possibility?

What creative action can we bring to each day?

How can we learn to trust our most true and wild dreams?

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