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New Moon News - May 22, 2020

It’s Gemini season, and we’re off to a powerful start with the new moon in Gemini today, as well as Venus being retrograde in Gemini from May 12 through June 25. 

Some themes of Gemini are communication, expressioninformation, and duality.

Given that we’re still sheltering in place, this is a paradoxical time where we are able to explore the tension of opposites. Gemini is ruled by busy, busy mercury. What can mercury teach us when we have to stay fairly still? Some of us live alone. What can we learn about our relationships while in isolation? There is an abundance of information out there about the state of our world, and it might feel hard to know what to believe. These astral agents can be both the pressure cooker and the support systems we need to really explore what these themes can show us.

The new moon is a potent time to set intentions. We can use these questions, and the discomfort (or comfort) we’re experiencing, to make shifts internally and externally.

How might we set ourselves up for more potent connections in this time of isolation?

How do we want to relate to all the information that is available to us now?

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