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New Moon in Virgo ~ earth love

Today is the new moon in Virgo.

This is an opportunity to create clarity and structure with precision and intention. In a world that can sometimes feel so disordered, it can be helpful to look at the natural order that surrounds us in the midst of the chaos. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the western states as we navigate these tremendous fires and smoke.

We come back again and again to trust in the natural order.

Virgo is an earth sign, and we can use this opportunity to meditate on our place in this order, as well as to reflect on where we find ourselves at this very challenging moment on our planet. 

The equinox arrives on September 22nd. We're taking time between now and then to reflect on what structures we might be able to create, what thought patterns we can re-work, to help with the easeful transition into autumn.

A poem for the equinox...

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