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New Moon in Virgo ~ conscious mastery

The first whispers of Autumn have arrived, and with them, there is an energetic shift – within and without.

We welcome the cooling energy, softening to the slowing down in the cycle of life.

The new moon in Virgo can support us in this shift. As an earth sign that loves order, Virgo harmonizes with the "back to school" feeling of this time of year, helping us get organized, create systems for change, and engage with the earth in a meaningful, intentional way.

Virgo represents a powerful relationship between humans and earth. Often depicted as a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, Virgo seeks mastery over its environment.

What does mastery look like?

With everything going on around us lately, it is not hard to think with a heavy heart of the harmful ways that humankind has tried to master earth.

But with this new moon, we have an energetic blank slate opportunity to imagine a new kind of nuanced, respectful, conscious mastery.

What does that relationship with earth feel like?

What does it look like?

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