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New Moon in Pisces ~ welcoming it all

Tonight, the moon is new in Pisces.

We can work with the energies of Pisces by imagining ourselves suspended in water, supported, quietly listening. Pisces is the oldest sign in the zodiac, and carries codes and meanings that might seem hard to understand.

Listen, include, welcome. See what comes.

We are seeing early signs of rebirth emerging: both from the seasonal shifts of spring, and from the reawakening of the world around us as we enter a new chapter in the pandemic.

What wants to be born, or reborn, in you?

What is whispering to you in words that you might not yet be able to understand? What does it feel like, what is its texture, its tone?

To what in your life can you offer the extra hour of daylight we gain this weekend?

Welcome it all. Correct nothing.

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