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Libra Season ~ tuning into harmony

As autumn brings us this time of collective harvest, we have the opportunity to look within and see what juicy embers might be ripe and ready for us to gather up. What parts of the abundance of summer would you like to bring with you as we turn inward and the earth begins its tilt toward shorter days?

The energy of Libra propels us to look within so that we might determine what is working in our lives and what no longer serves our vision. With the help of the scales, we are able to make adjustments and bring ourselves into greater alignment. This introspection allows us to hone in on what is important to us, and with that clarity we are able to bring more harmony and unity to our outer world.

What feels good and juicy?

Where would you like to direct your energy?

How can you invite a greater sense of harmony and unity into your life?

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