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New Year & New Moon in Capricorn~ fortifying our container ~

Entering 2022 under the influence of Capricorn, we are able to harness and use to our advantage the more orderly & disciplined nature of this sign. As we take stock of 2021 and acknowledge all that moved through us, we are able to then set the stage for our year ahead from a grounded place. It feels that the collective desire for a huge exhale has us on our toes. Most of us are longing for a sense of ease & joy—a moment in which we are free from the constant contemplation of the seriousness of our time.

The past two years have perhaps allowed us to cultivate and clarify our beliefs, our vision, our relationships, and our place in this world—creating a container and fortifying ourselves in our authenticity. Now, anchored, we are ready to burst forth into the world, sharing more of ourselves with a sweet and innocent abandon that has been holding its breath for far too long.

The time is now. Move forward in your truth, your power, and share your light with the world. We're all waiting for you.

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