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At the heart of everything we do, we have a deeper yearning to make the world a better place. A part of every sale goes towards supporting organizations that promote a fair and just world for people and the planet. 


We have always felt the importance of giving back, and donating to organizations that help others has been a long-time practice for us at Beloved Cafe. That is why we are continuing this work with Beloved Golden Milk Latte. A portion of every sale will be donated to our trusted charity partners. We are currently giving a portion of every sale to charity: waterSeva, and WDC and we are excited to have the opportunity to extend our impact with this purpose-driven product. You will find more information about each organization below. 

charity: water

charity: water works to build wells in communities where there is no existing access to clean and safe drinking water. Their mission is focused on working directly with the community to ensure that the work they do is regionally specific, and locally driven. Clean drinking water can transform lives, giving people - especially women - precious time, a safe experience, and the vital resource that water provides to drink, cook, bathe, and clean clothes and homes. 100% of their donations go directly to funding their projects around the globe. We love donating to charity: water because we believe that all people on our planet should have easy access to this beautiful, life sustaining substance. 



Seva brings the gift of sight to underserved communities around the world. With new surgeries, devices, medicines, and early intervention, many people can have their sight greatly improved or completely restored. Through their work, Seva believes they are able to reduce suffering, ease poverty, and help improve lives. We love working with Seva because to see the world clearly opens doors and gives people without sight an amazing gift that so many of us are able to take for granted. 



Whale and Dolphin Conservation is on a mission to protect the magnificent creatures that live in our seas and oceans. This organization works to improve and sustain the lives and legacy of whales and dolphins by "ending captivity, stop the whaling industry, create healthy seas, and prevent deaths caused by fishing gear." We believe that their work is crucial to the continued longevity and existence of our planet and we are very proud to support with WDC. 

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